Philips Brilliance 420P 42" Plasma monitor

Philips Brilliance 420P 106.68 cm (42 ") Plasma 1024x768 VGA

The Brilliance 420p ideal tool for professional presentation and display purposes thanks to the XGA compatibility (via scaling technology using unique LiMeSCo technology), VGA, SVGA and MAC II. Besides, the large size and high quality of the display, together with the wide viewing angle, it is excellent for multimedia and professional applications, as well as for public use with larger audiences.

Thanks to the unique glass filter plate, the anti-reflex coated glass screen and the High contrast ratio 480:1 the Brilliance 420p has worlds best performance in daylight contrast. Another benefit of the Plasma screen is the elimination of display distortion. Because there is no conventional tube with electron beams and a curved front display area, perfect picture geometry can be achieved.

The Brilliance 420p is equipped with an excellent Sound system 2 X 40W MPO: HiFi Stereo Sound system: 2 X 3 speaker. The Brilliance 420P is also relatively light, with a weight of only around one-third that of a CRT-based set with a comparable screen size